The Best Towing Company in GA

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Are you tired of having to dig deeper into your pockets each you hire towing services? Are you fed up with having to spend so much time in distress waiting for a  towing company that takes years before they show up? Well, worry no more because we have heard your wishes, and here to grant with Firebird Towing service Atlanta, GA.  And what’s even more fantastic about us is that we can save you money  by offering cheapest towing rates.… Read More


The cost of vehicles is climbing sufficiently that it makes more sense to just lease a car instead. The new technologies and gadgets are much more expensive to replace, and it is ideal if the whole purchase is not on the individual’s shoulders. Additionally, people love to lease for another great reason — they can afford more car by spending less money.

The other great part about an auto lease is that it is not going to stick you with yet another loan. That can be beneficial if you are trying to keep your credit freed up for other big-ticket items, such as buying a home.… Read More


Why Lease?

The Advantages Of Leasing Over Buying

Tax Deductions: Provided you are the owner of your business or plan to use the vehicle in the carrying out of business tasks, you will be able to deduct the full amount of lease payments made. This can be done up to the actual percentage of time the car or truck is used for business purposes.

This often represents a very significant savings at year or quarter’s end, particularly when you factor in insurance, fuel and maintenance expenses as well. A purchased vehicle only permits you to deduct depreciation amounts in line with the percentage of actual business usage.… Read More