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Benerfits of A Shortlease

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Short Lease?

If you go short lease at some dealers may terms may contains the non-binding term combined with the favorable lease rates. You have temporarily with short lease of a car.

Some dealer leasing program may include benefits on fixed rental periods. They may reward you for it with an appropriate rate. In short, mini lease has the flexibility of a car with all the comforts of a lease to an operating lease.

The short lease monthly rates are on average maybe slightly higher than the traditional lease. With a lease you signed for period of 3 to 5 years, which is beneficial for the monthly payments, but you also limit your flexibility of your fleet.… Read More

Leasing Tips

Pre-Owned Leasing – Used Car Lease
With automakers sweetening incentives on new cars and with affordable used cars flooding the market, leasing a used car might not seem to make much sense.  But it can be a good deal for a lot of consumers, and it’s gaining interest.

At lease cars are used leasing vehicles used again. This allows grasp advantages as a favorable lease and the car is in stock.  Re-use of a company car is a common structure. This is nothing more than the use of a used car. Usually a car that already has spent several months or years in the lease. Today we see rising demand for young occasions.

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Leasing Tips

Car Lease Terms and Definitions

To many, auto leasing seems to have a vocabulary terms of its own. Understanding leasing terms can help you decipher some leasing jargon. Here are a list of some key leasing terms and  and their definitions.

Auto Lease Acquisition Fee – A lender charge associated with auto leasing. Charged by the bank to assess the lease. Typically used to cover administrative fees.

Auto Lease – A method of financing a car. Rather than an auto purchase, you essentially rent a car for a predetermined period of time. At the end of the car lease, depending on your car lease agreement, you can return or purchase your car.… Read More

Leasing Tips

Car Lease FAQs

What is an auto lease?
An auto lease is a method by which an automobile may be financed for a specific term between 24-66 months, based on your automotive needs. Leasing allows one to drive a more expensive vehicle for less each month, because the agreement sets aside a residual value of the vehicle for a specific time at a later date.

Payments include a monthly use charge and interest. The monthly use charge compensates the lease bank or leasing finance company for the depreciation the vehicle during the term of your auto lease. The interest is the charge for the use of the lease bank or leasing finance company’s money.… Read More


Auto Lease Advantages

Why Lease When You Could Buy ?

That’s very simple!!

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Up Front Costs

Up front costs are the amounts which are due immediately upon entering a lease or purchase agreement. When you lease a vehicle the up front costs are generally less than they are when buying a car.

The up front costs of leasing a vehicle may include:
Security deposit (which is refunded upon termination of the lease agreement)
First month’s payment
Any applicable taxes
Capitalized cost reduction (a one time payment like a down payment but less) Misc.… Read More