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This remarks section of this article is quite notable, with some people actually emailing the group in issue and then posting the answer on the observations thread. This is a great example of the sub-blogosphere in business, and actually adding valuable knowledge to public discourse…for a variety.

Towing Near Chicago points out the 2003 Oregon Legislature, under the direction of Rastowing, imposed regulations on patrol towing that have yet to be fully implemented, especially by local authorities.”

Rastowing says: See Up, Local Oregon Management! Set Patrol Towing

Cruz looks out two truck drivers must present their prospective victims with a printed price sheet so there is no uncertainty about the amount of ransom required. If this isn’t happening, folks in Oregon want to tell.

In style very similar to the “manifest” of this very blog, Sean points out Towing Near Chicago demands are often confiscatory in force. Loss of vehicle is a punishment far beyond what is just for the ‘offense’ that may or may not have been done by the vehicle purchaser.”

Really. That is why voters should be going into court and claiming to have all bodies of state Towing Near Chicago laws overturned on constitutional areas, whether state or local. Yes, there is a time and a place for non-consent towing. But it need be regulated and transparent, with emerging technology used beyond the color of the “Towing Near Chicago” to make sure nobody needs to say and not hold an answer for days.

Summary: the photo above is of a tow truck driver in Oregon, but is for example purposes only. No relationship is intended that the driver was engaged in corrupt Towing Near Chicago practices.

Writer Pam Rastowing of CBS appears to have a strong business in predatory towing issues, and she has encouraged reform of Chicago’s filth-filled drain of corrupt towing applications. She’s been discussed on this blog back, click here. Now Rastowing several recent articles proceeds to dish up some dirt, click here.

It sets out corrupt Towing Near Chicago cops were on the film for years

Supposedly, and took bribes in return for “vouching” for Towing Near Chicago companies. This system is against police administration policy, even if the towing companies are GOOD, but in this case, the companies shook people down for outrageous amounts of inflated fees. According to Rastowing, police internal affairs and the FBI knew about what was occurring for YEARS.

So how? did the police allow citizens to keep making taken to the soaps, just to catch a few crooked cops?

I force to point out very similar questions remained asked in the Boyton Beach, Cal matter, click here, anywhere investigators continued racking up felony sales…but, in the meantime, citizens continued being illegally towed. Why was that permitted to continue? And do the folks in Boynton Beach have a claim similar to these taxpayers of Towing Near Chicago?